All my bags are packed

All my bags are packed

I’m ready to go – lalala

…more or less at least. 😉

Last year I decided to go for my dreams and travel the world. Now the time has come and it’s starting to become true.
Tomorrow this time I will sit in the plane on my way to Baku where my Journey starts.

Checklist for making my dream reality…

  • Book a flight – done
  • Quit my job – done
  • Cancel the contract for my flat – done
  • Give away all unnecessary belongings – done
  • Say goodbye to everyone – done

To be honest the first point was the hardest and the last one the easiest. Committing to my decision and saying I’m doing it now was not easy at all.
And for the last part I was never kind of person for long dramatic goodbyes.

My bag is packed with all I need for travelling around one year. I have a 35L Backpack that is super light, super simple and just perfect. With everything packed it has 7kg now. 🙂

But somehow I still have the feeling I’m carrying way to much with me around. Anyway, I will find out.

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