How I found out that French cheese tastes best after sleeping on it

Hitchhiking at Peage in France

How I found out that French cheese tastes best after sleeping on it

On my way hitchhiking from Lyon to Strasbourg I ended up in a random village called Chemaudin. Until dawn I tried my luck thumbing without a sign at the local péage (the toll gate at the highway ramp). Quickly I had to find out though that all the cars stopping for me would go towards Paris and not Strasbourg. So I called it a day and went off looking for a good place to overnight.
After walking through fields of cow mud I found a meadow which seemed fine. Nearby were a few people sitting outside in front of their house having a chat, so I approached them and asked if it would be fine if I would sleep here. A young woman said excited “No, no!”, sticked the index fingers out of her head and said “Cow!”. Then she asked “Drink?” I happily agreed and after introducing me to everyone she brought me a fresh beer. Chatting with the locals I got to taste some of the local cheese which was some kind of cream cheese with a lot of fat making it very tasty. After it got dark they were so kind to drive me through town and showed me the skate park where they said I could sleep without any problems.
So I put up my hammock and slept like a baby. The next morning I realised that I was sleeping the whole night on a package of Camembert type of cheese I bought the other day from a coupon a homeless guy insisted to give to me.
After packing my stuff I walked back to the péage where I would start hitching again but this time with a sign saying Mulhouse (spelt more or less like Toulouse but with an M). But first it was time for breakfast. Dumpster-dived baguette with the Camembert cheese I slept on. And I must say the cheese was perfectly tempered. 🙂

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  • Edward

    Its the little things in life that please us sometimes … cheese is chief among them!

    August 26, 2016 at 3:19 am

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