Fan Mountains Tajikistan

Amazing Hospitality in Tajikistan

What should I say about Tajikistan? Tajikistan is one of the countries with the most hospitable people I ever met. You can knock on any door and ask “Chai? Plov?” and they will be like “Sure, come in. Drink my tea, eat my plov and sleep in my house.”. And then they will never just […]

Me at the Registon Samarkand

Uzbekistan – Sunny, magic land!

Uzbekistan has all what it promises, glamorous palaces and mosques, friendly and hospitable people and a lack of water because it all goes into their cotton fields. Although you have to stay at least every third night in a hotel and get a registration slip from them, it’s fine if you have just a few […]

Austria vs Kyrgyzstan

Austria vs Kyrgyzstan

So I was so lucky and got invited to participate in the first World Nomad Games at Lake Issyk Kul in Chalpon Ata. I got paid for the transport and a nice hotel with all meals for the whole week. They said even Boris Jelzin stayed in that hotel once. Too bad he was no […]

Kyrgyz yurt

Wild wild Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is the Wild Wild West of Central Asia. Infants are put in the saddle of a donkey and kids grow up wrecking horses down the hills. The Kyrgyz people have lots of traditional and very barbaric horse games and if not fighting on horses they will test their strength in wrestling. The food is […]

Mountain biking Assy Plateau

On the mountain bike through the Tian Shan Mountains

First I have to say that Google Keep is no good to Keep data on your Android device. Because if you accidentally overwrite your data, it’s all lost. So it should rather be called Google Lose. I changed now to Evernote. Anyway, I spent my last week in Kazakhstan in the Tian Shan Mountains on […]

hitchhiking a train

Adventurous Kazakhstan

When I came to Kazakhstan and spent one day in the Kazakh mountains I felt like in Kazakhstan every day can be full of adventures. And it really is so! My first few days in Kazakhstan I had a great time in Almaty. Almaty was formerly known as Alma-Ata, grandfather of apples because their used […]

Cave monestary Vardzia

Georgia – definitely a weird country!

Georgia is the most religious christian country and also the country with the most alcohol consumption I ever travelled. Besides that Georgia has cows everywhere that prefer to rather stand on the middle of the road than on fresh green. So when taking a mashrutka the driver will go slalom through the cows and sometimes […]

Church in Mtskheta near Tbilisi

Coming to Georgia and exploring the beauties of Abkhazia

When I came to Georgia I spent a good week in Tbilisi waiting for the visa for Kazakhstan getting my camera repaired and were having some great CouchSurfing experiences. The first day in Tbilisi I just crushed the CouchSurfing meeting and asked for a couch. Uli, a great guy from Germany was so friendly to […]

River at Ani - Border Turkey Armenia

Hiking experiences in Kurdistan

Picnic in the mountains of Amedi So in Iraqi Kurdistan I stayed one day with a nice guy in Amedi and we had a great picnic in the Mountains. The next day I decided to go hiking in the mountains. The people told me it is dangerous to go alone in the mountains but there […]

Kurdish friendliness

The typical Kurd is more wide than tall, wears a sash around his belly and is super hospitable – especially to foreigners. The least he will do for you is to invite you to a glass of Chai. But most of the time you get invited to lunch, dinner or even to stay for a […]

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