Stevie on the Move

Church in Mtskheta near Tbilisi

Coming to Georgia and exploring the beauties of Abkhazia

When I came to Georgia I spent a good week in Tbilisi waiting for the visa for Kazakhstan getting my camera repaired and were having some great CouchSurfing experiences. The first day in Tbilisi I just crushed the CouchSurfing meeting and asked for a couch. Uli, a great guy from Germany was so friendly to […]

River at Ani - Border Turkey Armenia

Hiking experiences in Kurdistan

Picnic in the mountains of Amedi So in Iraqi Kurdistan I stayed one day with a nice guy in Amedi and we had a great picnic in the Mountains. The next day I decided to go hiking in the mountains. The people told me it is dangerous to go alone in the mountains but there […]

Kurdish friendliness

The typical Kurd is more wide than tall, wears a sash around his belly and is super hospitable – especially to foreigners. The least he will do for you is to invite you to a glass of Chai. But most of the time you get invited to lunch, dinner or even to stay for a […]

No visa, no probem – moshkeli nist!

The first time I extended my visa in Bandar Abbas and got the 30 day extension within two days. And since everyone told me Shiraz is the best place for visa extensions I was optimistic to get the second extension of my Iranian visa there. Unfortunately I found out that Shiraz is not the best […]

Restaurant Shabhaye Talai Qeshm

My golden nights in Qeshm – Shabhaye Talai

Working for one month on the Island Qeshm was a great experience. I was working five hours a day in an awesome restaurant directly at the beach of Qeshm. Qeshm is the biggest Iranian island. It lies in the Persian Gulf opposite of Dubai. The climate is similar to Dubai. We had temperatures up to […]

On the road in the Dasht-e-Lut

How to barbecue your liver

After a short stay in Shiraz where I met Doro and Matze, my German friends from Yazd, by coincidence in a lovely restaurant I took the ten-hour bus ride to Kerman with them. We stayed at Jamal’s guesthouse. Jamal is a friendly German-speaking Iranian tour guide – as he says the only one in whole […]

Sale no mobarak! – How to celebrate the persian way…

  Here in Iran it’s now the end of the Nowruz (the Persian new year) holidays and it’s been two and a half weeks of celebrating, being invited to family meetings and lots of good food. The celebrations begin with Chaharshanbe Suri, the last Wednesday of the old year. On that evening fires are made […]

Astara cage fight and how to survive without money

  After I have seen a lot of Azerbaijan, the land of fire, and I got my Iranian visa just in time (one working day before my Azerbaijan visa ran out) it was time to leave to Iran. I decided to change the means of transportation from shared taxis and mashrutkas to hitchhiking. Getting out […]

Taxi experiences from Baku to Kuba and Xinaliq

  Okay, I knew getting a Taxi at Baku airport for a reasonable price was no easy task. But thanks to my friends over here I was optimistic. 🙂 I arrived at Baku airport at 1:40am. So I had no chance for public transportation. After arriving I went to the taxi stand and immediately a […]

All my bags are packed

I’m ready to go – lalala …more or less at least. 😉 Last year I decided to go for my dreams and travel the world. Now the time has come and it’s starting to become true. Tomorrow this time I will sit in the plane on my way to Baku where my Journey starts. Checklist […]

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